Relevance of the course:

This course is important to students for the following reasons. First, it provides students with opportunities to identify specific language areas they need to work on and improve. Second, it creates opportunities to further their competence in the four language skills with a heavier focus on the development of their speaking skill. Third, it involves students in carrying out activities that aim at helping them recognize and repair particular language problems. Fourth, students will become familiar with language improvement activities that they can later on implement in their future teaching context.


The main goal of this course is to provide students with means for developing and improving their current use of English with particular emphasis on their communicative and instructional needs. More specifically students will:

  • Develop a better understanding of their language ability and the language problems they need to work on:
  • Develop their ability to identify and monitor their use of English for communication and teaching purposes
  • Improve their receptive and productive language skills in order to strengthen their communicative and instructional
  • Increase students´ efficiency of the phonological, lexical, syntactical and grammatical dimensions of their language
  • Allow students to feel more positive and confident in their use of English
  • Design strategies that can help them fix language and communication problems


 I wish to welcome all of you to this  Discourse Analysis II course.   I am sure you will enjoy the course as you will  find it useful in learning and acquiring information about grammar teaching. It will give you a starting point from which you can think and reflect upon how you view teaching, as well as, the how, when, and why of teaching. From this, I hope you can confirm and/or adapt your own ways of teaching and put yourself on the path to more informed teaching, as well as lead your students to be competent users of the language in all real-world situations in which they may find themselves. 

 You will find an overview, Study Guide and Unit materials when you go to the course.