The Study Guide


This Study Guide is intended as one form of support for you on this BA course. It is your “Tutor” at a distance. I hope it will serve to guide you as you continue your experience of distance and online learning, and will be a source to consult as you go through this seminar. The activities herein are meant to help you focus on the important points brought up in the reading or sometimes in the package itself. Of course, as always, you should do the recommended reading where indicated.


Please go over the Guide carefully and make sure that you are clear on

all points.




You  will…..



Unit  1:          ESP


Define ESP


Read a brief history of ESP


Understand the difference between ESP and EGP


Name different types of ESP Courses


Describe an ESP teacher


Describe an ESP student


Be able to discuss some special issues regarding ESP



           Unit 2: ESP: In Practice


ü  Identify the steps in ESP course design

ü  Define a needs analysis

Be able to organize  a syllabus and set objectives


Be able to select appropriate materials


ü  Be able to select appropriate tasks


ü  Be able to choose appropriate assessments methods and know how to evaluate your course