We want to welcome all of you to this course, Teaching Grammar. We think you will find it an important component of the BA program. We hope you will enjoy the course and find it useful in learning and acquiring information about grammar teaching. It will give you a starting point from which you can think and reflect upon how you view grammar teaching and why we should/shouldn’t be teaching grammar, as well as, how, when, and why we should/shouldn’t. From this, we hope you will think about your own teaching so that you can confirm and/or adapt your own ways of teaching and put yourself on the path to informed teaching.


Go to the Study Guide to see a complete outline of the objectives for the course. They are repeated in a slightly different way (in the form of a question)  at the beginning of each unit. If you can answer these initial questions at the end of the unit/course, you are on the right track.

COURSE DESIGNER: Lic. Janice Critchfield

COURSE TUTOR: Lic. Janice Critchfield